Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Performance and reliability are two of the most important qualities of a hydraulic gear pump. At Hose and Fitting Supply, we carry a variety of hydraulic gear pumps with long-lasting durability and priced affordably. We have both internal and external hydraulic gear pumps to meet all your pumping needs. Whether you are searching for Hi/Lo pumps, PTO pumps, or even pumps with high-low speeds and high torque, we’ve got you covered. Easily convert mechanical power into hydraulic energy, and keep your hoses and pipes moving with a smooth consistent flow.

We have water gear pumps suited for automotive, agricultural, construction, and more. Get Hi/Lo pumps designed for log splitters, presses, and other applications where high psi for rapid movements for the cylinder is required. We also carry hydraulic PTO pumps that use power take-off to transfer power from the engine to the pump. Commonly used in the agricultural industry, PTO pumps allow for the quick and efficient conversion of hydraulic power to rotary or linear mechanical force. With our online store and bulk discounts, you can be sure you’ll get your product fast and at an affordable price!


Discover Discount Hydraulic Pumps

No matter what your project demands, you are sure to find the perfect gear pump with Hose and Fitting Supply. We are the online source for discount internal and external gear pumps and stand behind every product we sell. Whether you are looking for Hydraulic Gear Pumps, HI/LO Pumps or Low Speed High Torque Motors, you can find it all here. Visit our home page to get discount information on special bulk orders!

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