Flexible PVC Hoses

Hose & Fitting Supply has PVC hose in every variety to fit your needs, from transferring beverages to spraying high pressure fluids. By using wire reinforcements, it’s possible to build flexible PVC hoses that won’t collapse under vacuum pressure. Our heavy duty spray hose can be used to make bendable PVC pipes that handle pressures up to 800 PSI. These hoses use PVC tubing formulated to be resistant to common agricultural and lawn care chemicals. Our Layflat hose flattens out, making it easy to wrap up long lengths for storage. Once unrolled, this hose can transfer massive amounts of discharge from pools and sumps.




Shop PVC Hose and Tubing

PVC hose and tubing are used in a wide range of industries. Because of PVC’s ability to maintain a lot of different consistencies, PVC hose comes in many different styles and is great for a number of different applications. It is great for general purpose hosing applications, such as air and water lines. Additionally, PVC is widely used in the food and beverage industry, in vacuum lines, and as evacuation hoses. At more dense compositions, PVC can be used as a pressurized spray hose as well. We stock an assortment of PVC hoses and tubing, including clear wire vacuum PVC hose, PVC general purpose air hose, heavy-duty PVC spray hose, clearbraid PVC hose and layflat hosing. Shop PVC hose with Hose and Fitting Supply today.