Full Port Valves for Hoses

Full port ball valves have a unique design that allows for a restrictionless flow, making it possible to maintain a consistent flow rate throughout the entire hydraulic system. They are often used when a mixture of both solid material and liquids are moving through the system and low flow resistance is needed. Without this lower flow resistance, the solid particles could clump together or block the system, resulting in pressure changes or even a complete blockage. Full flow valves, also known as full bore valves reduce the possibility of buildup that happens over time. They are also used in suction systems where solid particles are being suctioned up, and consistent pressure is required.

Our wide selection of full port valves includes several connection variations including male x female and female x female fittings. We also carry locking handle valves with locking mechanisms that ensure the handle remains in the open or closed position. With so many different models to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the exact hose shut off valve you need.

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