Industrial Hose Clamps & Hardware

Hose & Fitting Supply offers you our full line of Industrial Hose Clamps and Hardware. With great features such as:
  • Tight-fitting and strong hose clamps
  • Restricted movement for safety
  • Great for any industry and application
  • High quality and made to last
For any hydraulic or industrial hose system, strong hose clamps are a necessary tool to help restrict movement or maintain placement of your hoses during use. The last thing anyone wants on a jobsite is for a hose to come loose and whip around, possibly injuring people or spraying highly pressurized fluids. Ensure your hydraulic and industrial hoses are fastened tight and won't budge an inch with heavy-duty hose clamps from our hose supply company that are designed to handle the pressure.

Hose & Fitting Supply specializes in a wide selection of industrial and heavy-duty hose clamps for a wide number of hose applications. We carry everything from quick releases to worm clamps, and we even have T-bolt clamps for a secure fit. Tie down your hoses with cinch and hanging straps that allow the hose to expand naturally but restrict movement, ensuring a safe working environment. Industrial hose clamps are a staple in nearly every heavy industry application, including automotive shops, food and beverage applications, agriculture, and more. If you need a heavy-duty hose clamp, we've got your needs covered. Shop our best hose clamp selection today!

Our selection includes the following:

  • Plastic Hose Clamps
  • Center Punch Band Clamps
  • Worm Clamps
  • Quick Release Clamps
  • T-Bolt Clamps
  • Tube and Pipe Clamps
  • Adjustable Hose Clamps

Shop industrial hose clamps and hardware with Hose and Fitting Supply and get great discounts and free shipping on orders over $100, as well as daily deals.

NOTE: It’s important to get the right hose clamp size. Clamps that are too loose could cause a leak to form; clamps that are too tight could put undue stress and pressure on the hose. Be sure to select the right diameter for your hose clamps.

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