Industrial Tubing Built to Last

Hose and Fitting Supply offers a large selection of low and high-pressure tubing for industrial use. From automotive garages to restaurants, our durable hose tubing and fittings are useful in a wide variety of applications and industries. For transporting liquids at a variety of temperatures consider using highly flexible nylon tubing. Capable of safely handling high PSI and temperatures between -60 to 200F, this industrial tubing is a favorite of automotive garages. Available in a rainbow of colors for easy identification, nylon tubing also won’t react to grease or other lubricants. We also carry polyurethane tubing that is both chemically resistant and chemically inert. Polyurethane tubing is commonly used in many industries such as agriculture, restaurants, instrumentation, and more.

We only sell the best! Our selection of tubing offers:

  • Durability and flexibility
  • Abrasion and chemical resistance
  • FDA approval
  • Broad temperature ranges
  • Kink resistance

PVC Tubing & More

PVC tubing is more flexible than its pipe counterpart, however, both are commonplace in both commercial and residential sectors. They are often used in plumbing systems since they do not corrode or wear down from extended contact with water or mineral additives. PVC tubing can be found in drinking water systems, sewage drainage, irrigation, and so much more.

Our PVC tubing is often used in these applications:

  • Beverage dispensing
  • Drain and water lines
  • Painting systems
  • Electrical jacketing
  • Lube lines

At Hose & Fitting Supply our selection of industrial tubing has something to meet the needs of any task. From heated fluids to corrosive chemicals, and even pressurized gasses, we have the right tubing to get the job done. Check out our selection of tubes, hoses, and hosing accessories to ensure you have everything you need for safe and efficient transport.