Thermoplastic Hose & Tubing

A thermoplastic hose is a sturdy and reliable hose composed of many different plastic layers. Unlike rubber hoses, which typically have a thick outer diameter, the layering of a thermoplastic hose makes it much stronger without the heavy weight of rubber. Our SAE thermoplastic hoses have two layers of braided synthetic fiber with an outer coating of polyurethane, making them abrasion-resistant. Thermoplastic hoses are rated for high temperatures, up to 212 F, and are used in many hydraulic applications. Thermoplastic hydraulic hoses provide excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility and are resistant to a wide array of chemicals.


We carry both conductive and non-conductive thermoplastic hoses that resist electrical currents in order to meet your specific needs. We also have an airless paint spray hose that allows for high-pressure use in paint and sandblasting applications. Get all your hose add-ons and accessories too, including thermoplastic hose fittings , connectors and more. Shop for your thermoplastic hose with us today!

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