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Industrial Hose Reels

If you’ve ever worked around industrial hoses, you know it’s important to keep your investment safe and extend its life with proper care and maintenance. Along with hose protection, you’ll also want proper storage for your hose. Hose and Fitting Supply stock a wide range of industrial hose reels to help you properly store air hoses, hydraulic hoses, heavy-duty garden hoses and other commercial hoses.

Is it time to replace that same old hose reel you have been using for years? The hose reel has come a long way in recent years thanks to many new innovations that provide for increased mobility, durability and efficiency. A motor-driven hose reel that can hold a hose up to 375 feet long with 4,000 PSI can surely take care of the heavy-duty jobs that your old hose reel simply could not.

Stainless-steel hose reels such as the D-Series above are particularly useful as they are retractable, compact, and are great for standing up to rust and other forms of wear and tear. Have a look at our wide range of industrial hose reels above and, when you have found the right one for you, take advantage of the coupon codes on our home page to save big. Have questions about orders or hose reels? Call 952-797-6850 to speak to one of our hose fitting specialists today!

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