Log-Splitter Hydraulic Valves

Do you need a new log-splitter hydraulic valve for your equipment? Hose & Fitting Supply carries the high-pressure valves you need to get your log splitter working again. These log-splitter control valves are complete units with long control handles, letting you stand at a safe distance while splitting wood. For safety, detents and spring centering close the valve when you let go of the handle. The hydraulic log splitter uses fluid to push the log into the wedge, allowing for rapid and clean splitting. Without a reliable log-splitter control valve, your wood splitter could wind up leaking hydraulic fluid or running too slowly for a clean cut.

Speed will vary depending on the size of the splitter’s piston and the output of the hydraulic pump. When choosing a log-splitter valve, look for a unit that has the same GPM and pressure rating as your pump, as well as compatible threads. Most machines use National Pipe Thread (NPT) fittings.

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