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Save Your Hose With Sidewinder Hose Wrap

Hose socks are a necessary evil. While they do help keep spray foam hoses from getting damaged for a while, they end up becoming their own problem, often fraying or degrading and causing you to use rolls and rolls of duct tape to keep it together. Luckily, there are other options available. Sidewinder manufactures a hose wrap called the SPF InsulGuard. As a urethane-coated hose wrap, it’s more durable than your average hose sock, which is often made out of nylon or some other fabric. You’ll be able to have it in several heavy industry settings without degradation. On the inside, the SPF InsulGuard Wrap has a radiant liner that improves thermal retention gain by 25 Delta T over an average hose sock. Last but not least, the InsulGuard also has internal straps that make it applicable to any hose sock. Because of its surface, it’s easily taped off to create a clean connection. Shop our premiere insulated hose wrap, SPF InsulGuard, and give your industrial hose extra life today!

In addition to the urethane-coated cordura sleeve, the Sidewinder SPF InsulWrap features a radiant liner proven to maximize the thermal retention gain by 25 Delta T over a standard hose sock! The sleeve features internal straps to secure the sleeve around any spray hose!

  • Size: 50' length / 2.75" OD / 2.25" ID
  • Temperature Range: -60°F - 200°F
  • Thermal Retention: Up to 25°F
  • Hook & Loop closure reduces installation by up to 70%

*Highly Recommend to tape off ends to create a clean profile

How Frustrated Are You?

Spray Foam Hoses take a beating when dragged around job sites. It's not long before roll after roll of duct tape are used in attempt to patch and repair existing hose socks. We have seen it all, carpet underlay, insulated tarps, even denim pants used to protect and insulated spray hose. Operators hate how bulky, unwieldy and cumbersome the hose is to operate. Your production slows, hourly wages rise and your profits decline. Even worse, colder temperatures arrive and present the challenge of maintaining proper SPF temperature. while loosing yield on each and every job!

  • Constantly patching and repairing your hose sock
  • Hours spent replacing unsightly tattered duct tape
  • Lost production due to hours spent troubleshooting hose issues
  • Problems maintaining ideal temperature under various weather conditions
  • Loss of yield; more material required, cutting into your profit margin


The New Industry Standard! Sidewinder SPF Products are designed to maximize yeild and performance by providing unmatched abrasion protection and thermal retention. Sidewinder is available in multiple configurations to fit both spray hose and hose couplers.

  • Spec mill 1000 Denier Cordura (10.5 oz.), with 5 mil urethane coating
  • Abrasion resistant for wet, high UV and crisp edge applications; tested to ISO 6945 Specifications
  • Thermal Retention 5-10°F, combined with the addition of our insulated guard 18-25°F
  • Flexibility Temp: -60°F (-51°C) to +200°F (121°C)
  • UV Protection: meets EN13758-1, max rating of 80 new/dry
  • Wicking Resistant: resists water and petroleum
  • Hook & Loop closure allows for quick installation or removal for hose maintenance
  • End straps


Sidewinder SPF Hose Wrap

Consider investing in the non-insulated sleeve to cover your bundle. For contractors in colder regions such as the northern United States and Canada, adding Insulated Sidewinder over the existing non-insulated guard ensures that every day is a money maker! By adding the Insulated Sidewinder wrap you will maximize the thermal retention gain by as much as 25 Delta T difference over a standard hose sock!

Sidewinder Coupler Guard

Coupler sections are designed to protect the unheated hose junctions and provide easy access when making repairs or diagnosing problems. This translates to an immediate improvement of the heat retention in your system. Side Coupler Guard is designed to be a tapered fit over a standard hose while reducing weight and maximizing hose flexibility. Internal Hook and Loop straps located at both ends prevent the guard from shifting back and forth.

Sold in 50ft Sections

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    Very fast and great product

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 12th 2018

    My order showed up very fast and the product is quality!