Yellow Tint PVC Wire Vacuum Transfer Hose

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Yellow Tint- Vacuum Hose resistant to Oil
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Description: Yellow Tint PVC Oil Vacuum Transfer hose
Tube Compound: ANTI OIL PVC
Reinforcement: Spiraled Wire Helix
Vacuum Rating: All Sizes rated at 28" Hg
Temp. Range: +15 to +150F / -10 to +65C *
Applications: A "See Through" flexible hose for use where full vacuum or collapse resistance is required. Suitable for use with oil.

PVC Wire Vacuum Transfer Hose

PVC wire vacuum hoses are known for their strong collapse resistance and are used to transfer both liquids and air at high pressures. The wire reinforcements spiral in a double helix pattern for thorough reinforcement that doesn’t compromise flexibility. The yellow-tinted PVC is see-through and able to withstand temperatures from minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

PVC hoses are often used in the food industry as beverage hoses since they don't leave a taste in the fluids. Some metals commonly used in hoses and pipes can alter the flavor of your beverage; this is why most drinks are served in glasses and not metal cups.

These hoses are also perfect for agricultural work to spray crops, deliver water, and more. Their durable material makes them resistant to most wear and suitable for use with oil. If you need a transfer hose that won't collapse or kink, then you’ve come to the right place. Shop Hose & Fitting Supply for all your hose and hose accessory needs.
Yellow Tint- Vacuum Hose resistant to Oil

For use with Oils