Brass Mini Ball Valves

Mini ball valves control the flow of liquids or gas through a pipe or hose. Small brass hose valves are ideal for residential and light commercial applications when space is an issue. A handle rotates an interior ball with a hole through the center. When the handle is parallel to the body, the ball rotates to allow flow. Turning the handle 90 degrees closes it. The threaded valve ends accommodate male and female hookups.


Full port mini brass ball valves have an internal diameter that is approximately the same size as connecting pipes or hoses. The internal opening of reduced port ball valves is smaller than the connecting pipe or hose. Reduced ports may restrict flow and pressure.

Brass does not break down in applications with high temperatures. It resists corrosion and cracking and will not rust. Our brass miniature ball valve pipe fittings come in several aperture sizes compatible with standard hoses. </p?

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