Multi Colored Velcro Sleeve

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Velcro Sleeving- Sizes Range From 1"-8" -Free Shipping!
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Velcro Sleeving- Sizes Range From 1"-8"

-Free Shipping!

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Velcro Hose Protection Sleeve - Multi Colored

Hose & Fitting Supply doesn’t just sell hose parts. We also have parts to protect your hoses so they last longer. Our Velcro hose sleeves are easy to wrap around hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, creating a barrier that protects against abrasion. Hose protection sleeve Velcro runs along the entire length of the fabric, so you can open it at any point for quick inspections. With five colors to choose from, this multicolored hose sleeve is also handy for separating hoses by uses or systems, making them easier to identify. We offer this color hose sleeve Velcro in diameters ranging from 1 to 8 inches.