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Flush face and skid steer quick disconnects offered by Hose and Fitting Supply are reliable and efficient solutions for quick and secure connections in hydraulic systems. These quick disconnect fittings are designed to ensure fast, leak-free connections and disconnections, making them ideal for applications in industries such as construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.


Hydraulic hoses have a demanding job. Not only do your components need to be properly rated for their use, your lines need to have as little debris pass through them as possible, especially if you’re dealing with liquids or fluid transfer. Flush face and skid steer quick disconnects are ideal hydraulic hose fittings if you’re looking for the combination of ease of use and protection. These QDs, also known as “dry break couplings,” can be easily connected without allowing any air in and disconnected without the risk of spillage. They’re ideal for high-use scenarios and particularly sensitive environments. Hose and Fitting Supply offers flush face plugs, sockets, skid steer sets, thread locks and more. Shop all flush face quick disconnects for your hydraulic hose with us today!


Flush face quick disconnects are specially designed to minimize fluid loss during connection and disconnection. These hydraulic quick disconnects feature a flat, flush face design that prevents air inclusion and allows for a clean break, reducing fluid spillage and contamination. This is particularly important in applications where cleanliness and environmental safety are essential.


Skid steer quick disconnects, on the other hand, are specifically engineered for use with skid steer loaders. These rugged and durable quick disconnect hydraulic fittings provide a quick and easy connection method for hydraulic attachments, allowing operators to change attachments rapidly and efficiently. Skid steer quick disconnects are designed to withstand the demanding conditions and heavy-duty use often encountered in skid steer applications.


At Hose and Fitting Supply, we offer a wide range of flush face and skid steer quick disconnects in various sizes and configurations to suit different hydraulic system requirements. Our quick disconnect fittings are made from high-quality materials such as steel or brass, ensuring durability, resistance to corrosion, and long-lasting performance.


Additionally, these quick disconnect fittings are designed to withstand high-pressure environments, providing a secure and reliable connection even under demanding conditions. These quick disconnect hydraulic fittings are easy to operate, with a simple push/pull or twist lock mechanism that allows for quick and effortless connections and disconnections without the need for specialized tools.


Whether you need flush face quick disconnects for applications that require minimal fluid loss or skid steer quick disconnects for efficient attachment changes, Hose and Fitting Supply has you covered. We provide top-quality quick disconnect fittings that meet industry standards and deliver exceptional performance in hydraulic systems. Shop today!

Flushface Hydraulic Quick Disconnects ISO 16028, Socket Recommended for skid steer loaders and other applications where you need to reduce leaks and spills. Interchanges with: Parker FEM Series Faster FF Series Holmbury Series A

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