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Lead Free Full Port Valves from Hose and Fitting Supply are an essential component in any plumbing system, ensuring the safe and efficient flow of water or other fluids. These full port ball valves are designed to be used in both commercial and residential applications where the health and safety of users is a top priority.


One of the most crucial features of these full port valves is their lead-free composition. Lead is a toxic material that can be harmful to human health, especially when consumed through water or food. To address this concern, many countries and regions have implemented strict regulations regarding the amount of lead that can be present in plumbing products.


Lead Free Full Port Valves from Hose and Fitting Supply are manufactured to meet or exceed these regulations, providing peace of mind to both installers and end-users. By opting for lead-free full port ball valves, consumers can ensure that their drinking water and other fluids remain free from contamination and pose no risk to their health.


In addition to being lead-free, these full port ball valves are also designed with a full port configuration. This means that the valve opening has the same diameter as the pipe it is connected to, allowing for maximum flow and minimal restriction. The full port design is particularly beneficial in applications where high flow rates are required, such as irrigation systems or industrial processes.


Hose and Fitting Supply offers a wide range of Lead Free Full Port Valves to meet various plumbing needs. These full port valves are available in different materials, such as brass or stainless steel, providing durability and corrosion resistance. They also come in different sizes and connection types, ensuring compatibility with different pipe sizes and fittings.


When it comes to installation, Hose and Fitting Supply provides detailed product information and support to ensure proper installation and operation of our lead-free full port ball valves. Additionally, our full port valves undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to guarantee their performance and reliability.


Lead Free Full Port Valves from Hose and Fitting Supply are an excellent choice for any plumbing system that prioritizes health and safety. Their lead-free composition, full port design, and high-quality manufacturing make these full port ball valves a reliable and efficient option for both residential and commercial applications. Shop online today!


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