Keep Your Connection Leak-Free with Garden Hose Fittings

Do you love to have a well-manicured lawn or landscape? Part of having a beautiful lawn and garden is ensuring the vegetation receives the right amount of water. However, watering can quickly become a hassle when you have a garden hose that won’t reach or simply leaks profusely.

Hose and Fitting Supply wants to help you take the hassle away. We offer a variety of garden hose connectors that make your connection solid so you don’t need to worry about leaks. Our garden hose quick connect system also enables you to easily connect attachments to your hose and decrease the time it takes to water your lawn.

Discount Garden Hose Fittings & Adapters

We have the best garden hoses and attachments for setting up irrigation systems, foundation watering systems, and general household use. Lawn hoses and fittings use three common sizes: ½ inch, 5/8 inch and ¾ inch. That means you’ll have no trouble finding the right water hose fittings and garden hose connections for your setup.

Our garden hose end fittings are made from brass to ensure a long life. Our quick disconnects save you from having to screw together hoses each time you want to use them. We also have shut-off valves that let you turn water on and off without changing the flow rate. Need a new hose? Our hybrid polymer garden hose is lighter and offers better overall performance than standard rubber hoses.

Setting up your watering system is a breeze with the proper garden hose adapter. You can easily attach a sprinkler or spray nozzle to your hose that will help to ensure that your garden and lawn stay green longer.

Strength and quality are important considerations when choosing the best garden hose connector. Hose and Fitting Supply only offers the best! All of our garden hose fittings are durable and long lasting. They can be used to add attachments to your watering system or change the length of your hose.

We strive to make your lawn care hassle-free! Explore our selection of garden hose connectors and adapters to find the best one for your needs. Contact us if you have any questions or need additional help. Visit our Hose and Fitting Supply home page to get your special discount code!

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