Farming & Agriculture Hose Parts & Supplies

Hose & Fitting Supply is your source for all types of fluid transfer equipment, including ag supply hoses. We have all kinds of agricultural water hoses and fittings, including lay-flat hoses, irrigation tubing connectors and agriculture irrigation pipe fittings. We also have farm and ranch irrigation supplies designed for high-pressure applications, including pesticide and crop spraying equipment. Keep your hoses clamped down tight with worm clamps and T-bolt clamps so that everything is secure and safe. Our heavy-duty PVC spray hoses can handle the intense pressure needed to spray across an entire field, as they are capable of withstanding up to 800 PSI on a regular basis. Get grips and couplers that work as hard as you do and that are able to hold it all together despite the pressure. No matter what your agricultural hose needs are, we've got the parts and supplies to help.

Need to fix your farm equipment? We have hydraulic hoses, couplers, clamps and leak-free quick-connect fittings for tractors, PTO systems and attachments, as well as complete gear oiling systems. Looking to protect your hoses and make them easier to fix? We have both standard and color-coded hose sleeves that protect against abrasion and fire. Keep everything neat, organized and safe with hoses and fittings designed to meet your specific needs.

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